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It’s Over…….

Hamas has completed its sweep of Fattah in Gaza, effectively transforming the “G-strip” into an entity that is entirely at war with Israel. The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, dissolved the Palestinian Authority unity government and has declared a state of emergency.

Treating the newly formed Hamastan as a hostile state is the only logical step left for Israel, as the disintegration of the PA has become complete.

“Hamas leaders said they were planning to hold Friday prayers inside the compound after “liberating” it from Abbas’s loyalists. “With God’s will, we will all pray in the Saraya,” declared Nizar Rayan, a prominent Hamas official. “We call on Abbas’s army of prostitutes to surrender or else they will be executed in public.” More here.

What else is of interest is the raw brutality seen as Hamas gunmen rounded up men taken from the Preventative Security headquarters in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood, and systematically executed them, with reports of some even being riddled with bullets in front of their wives and children.

All signs point to a “new era” for the people living inside the strip:

“We are telling our people that the past era has ended and will not return,” Islam Shahawan, a spokesman for Hamas’ militia, told Hamas radio. “The era of justice and Islamic rule have arrived.”

Ever since Hezbollah and then Al-Qaida have made their way inside the Gaza Strip, a plan has been in play to turn it into another base from which to launch attacks on Israel, according to some, even the battles are being led by Al-Qaida. Yes I know, it seems too ridiculous to believe, but the Islamists –whether Sunni or Shi’ia– believe in some of the most “far fetched” ideas imaginable and are willing to sacrifice themselves –and others– in the process. So the vanquishing of Israel (through the help of their Allah) is indeed one of their main goals, no matter how unrealistic and how long it takes.

Also worthwile comtemplating is how Hamas plans to take care of the people now under their control. Already the target of a western boycott, Hamas must continue with their upkeep, but since all aid and money has been flowing through agencies not tied to Hamas –and I don’t expect Israel to open up any money channels to the terrorist entity any time soon– so they will soon find themselves “between a very hard rock and a hard place”.

This also goes to show just how little the Islamists actually care for people, while being at the same time trumpeted –by some in the west– for their “social welfare” services. Just like Hezbollah, the Hamas treats its people are mere pawns to be used in the advancement of their utopian goals, no matter how “half baked” and no matter how devastating.

Round one in the territories has been won by the Islamists, it’s anybody’s guess how round two will play out. One thing for sure, if the Palestinians in Gaza thought being occupied by Israel was an injustice, they haven’t seen anything yet. *L* KGS

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