Academics Anti-Israel bigotry and bias

Who Started It……?

Historian Michael Oren, (a real historian) delivers a proper “slap” to the side of the head of one of the worst “New Historians” ever to disgrace the halls of academia. Another pseudo-scholar/”new historian “Tom Segev, gets his up commence from Oren concerning his new book on the 67′ war. Oren’s insightful book review reminds me of Efraim Karsh’s review of Karen Armstrong’s book, “Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time”, and it doesn’t get any better than this:

“Laboring to prove his point forces Segev not only to contradict himself but also to commit glaring oversights. The book repeatedly asserts that war might have been averted if Israel had accepted an American plan to break the Egyptian blockade by sending an international convoy through the Straits of Tiran. But the American plan, code-named Regatta, was rejected by Congress, as well as by 24 of the 26 nations invited to contribute to the convoy. Segev knows this fact but throughout the book pretends that a diplomatic option remained. “

This kind of mediocrity is nothing but “par for the course” in new historian revisionism, where facts and common sense rarely register high in importance for the “scholars” of this side line hobby of a pseudo profession. *L* KGS

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