Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Finnish media Helsingin Sanomat

Helsingin Sanomat Stumbles Over Its Own Logic Once Again…….

To show just how “out of touch” some of the Finnish media are in relation to the reality surrounding the rise of Hamas, I include a portion from an editorial in today’s edition of the Helsingin Sanomat. The editorial describes yesterday’s complete rout of Fattah in Gaza by Hamas gunmen, and even after the battles that have been raging in the streets for almost a week, that have thus far claimed over a hundred dead, the so called “unity government dissolved and a state of emergency declared, the HS can only manage to say that “a civil war is slowly approaching”…..duh.

The “out of touch” Helsingin Sanomat finds enough space though to disparage the west for its boycott of Hamas, which the US, EU and Israel are now supposedly responsible for the “weakened chances of offering aid” to the people of Gaza. Glaringly absent from this line of thinking is the role of the Islamist supremacists called Hamas.

According to the HS editorial department:

YK:n eroava Lähi-idän erikoislähettiläs Álvaro de Soto arvostelee julkisuuteen vuotaneessa loppuraportissaan voimakkaasti Yhdysvaltojen hallitusta, EU:ta ja YK:ta Hamasin poliittisesta ja taloudellisesta boikotoinnista ja Israelin toimien katsomisesta läpi sormien. Se on vain voimistanut Hamasin päättäväisyyttä nousta palestiinalaisten vahvimmaksi järjestöksi


“Former UN Middle east envoy, Álvaro de Soto strongly criticized the US government in a leaked final report, concerning the EU and the UN’s political and economic boycott of Hamas while looking through their fingers at Israel’s actions. It has only strengthed Hamas’ determination to become the Palestinians’ strongest organization.”

Though the words are De Soto’s, it is certainly clear that the HS’s editorial board shares the same sentiment:

Ulkopuolisten tahojen mahdollisuuksia tarjota palveluksiaan heikentää ennen kaikkea se, että niin Yhdysvallat kuin Euroopan unionikin ovat pitäneet yhteyttä vain Abbasiin ja Fatahiin ja kieltäytyneet olemasta tekemisissä Hamasin kanssa.


The possibilities for outside agencies to offer aid has been weakened, even more so, since the US and the EU have only kept communications with Abbas and Fattah, and have rejected anything to do with Hamas.

So according to the HS, in spite of the Hamas being an intransigent, Islamist, supremacist organization that not only refuses to recognize Israel, –it also seeks to destroy it, making it an openly hostile entity–, the world should treat Hamas as a valid organization worthy of support.

The confused HS editorial board would then have to say the same about any other racist supremacist group, including that of the German National Socialists and the US’s KKK. What buffoonery.

The truth is, the HS exists in its own alter universe, where clocks run backwards, rain defies gravity and moral equivocation is the rule of the day. In our normal universe, common sense dictates that unreasonable people can’t be reasoned with, and that any attempt at finding a common ground with such an intolerant group of fantatical racist homicidal maniacs like Hamas….is destined for failure. *L* KGS

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