Iraqi Economy Surges Ahead…….

Finally some very good news to tell about Iraq. It continues to confound the analysts, not just the ones concerned about its political dynamics and the insurgency (that has proven to be far more resilient than previously thought) but its economy as well. In fact, the overall picture of Iraq’s economic growth and influence is down right impressive, especially when considering the daily carnage the average Iraqi in Baghdad or in the Anbar provence has to witness.

PowerLine has the brunt of the story here, as well as a link to a Washington Times article here. The Newsweek article by Silvia Spring that was mentioned is here. Just imagine what the Iraqis could achieve if they didn’t have to fight against the anti-democratic insurgency totalitarians. *L* KGS

Note: Why hasn’t the Finnish/US media reported on this story in any meaningful way? Why hasn’t the Bush administration done so as well?

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