Finnish Court To Render Verdict in Incitment/Racism Case…….

Finnish state news, YLE, announced that soon a verdict will be deliverd in a case that concerns the publishing of an op-ed by two Finnish papers, Kansan Uutiset and Uusimaa, that contained language that amounted to an incitement of ethnic race hatred against Jews.

Using the ME conflict as a back drop to wish that Hitler had been more successful, Usko Takkumäki had his op-ed published by the two papers, and if I am correct, the same individual is a labor union representative and a communist, which makes it all the more ironic, seeing that he joins himself at the hip with fascist Hitler in defending the the genocide of the Jews.

I am reminded of the YLE documentary early last year “Suomi ja Israel: yllättäviä bisnessiteitä kulissien takana.”/”Finland and Israel: Surprising business contracts behind the scenes”, that depicted Israeli investments in Finland as being something of a “dirty secret” just waitng to be exposed. This kind of journalism was totally unnecessary as it was regrettable, since the investments were;

1.) entirely legal and
2.) could possibly help lead people to conclude that YLE itself, is ideologically against any such investments from the Jewish state.

That the program brought up the issue of a potential boycott of Israeli products in Finland, when any such demands are only found coming from the very extreme fringes of the Left, also served to reinforce the appearance of an agenda being promoted instead of it just being a news story.
Even the department chain store manager interviewed, seemed amused by the question of “whether the events in the Middle East has seen a demand for the removal of Israeli produce from the store’s shelves”. To which he answered no.

It’s understandable that anything to do with Israel is of interest, but one has to use a bit of prudence over the emphasis of the story, and the ramifications of its tone *L* KGS

Update: Porvoo District Court fines newspaper reps. in racism trial. Both the Uusimaa and Leftist paper Kansan Uutiset (The Peoples Paper) received fines for publishing the racist op-ed.

“The writer, who had defended the Nazi holocaust in the letter, was also fined for incitement against an ethnic group. The prosecutor in the case said that the article constituted veiled incitement in favour of violence against an ethnic group.The writer had submitted the letter to a number of newspapers. It was published in the two newspapers last summer.” More here.

Justice was indeed served today. Hopefully it will serve as a lesson to the newspaper media that not all op-eds criticizing Israel are worth publishing. Letters-to-the-editor whose sole purpose is to demonize in place of solid and fair critcism, should never be considered for publication, especially those that are so full of hate, that they dare openly defend the mass murder of Jews during WWII.

those who think like Usko Takkumäki.

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