Danish Court Makes Easy Call…….

Not Guilty. In a not surprising ruling by a Danish court, the two editors of the Jyllands-Posten, editor in chief Carsten Juste and culture editor Flemming Rose were vindicated from the charges of racsim. The verdict in civil suit which was filed by seven Danish Muslim groups against the two editors, did not come as a surprise to the editors, Carlton Juste stated:

“Anything other than an acquittal would have been a catastrophe for freedom of the press,’ he said. ‘You can say what you want about the drawings and the decision to publish them, but the paper’s inalienable right to do so has been confirmed by the courts.”

More here.

The Muslim leadership was having none of it:

“The court has given Jyllands-Posten the right to offend Muslims and Muslims’ feelings and to associate us with terrorism,’ said Kasem Said Ahmad, the spokesman for the Islamic Faith Association, one of the groups bringing charges.”

This of course was the only right verdict to be given, any other ruling would have run counter to the democratic right of free speech. That the civil suit was even considered by these Muslim groups in the first place, shows just how “outside the realm of reason” they are dwelling. All the more reason to resist any future attempts by these same “like minded” groups, at either watering down our western liberal rights and traditions, or subverting them altogether.

No religious group can impose their beliefs upon the rest of the non-believing members of society. More here. KGS

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs.

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