All Is Not well…….

The news have not been too good lately, and I am not only referring to the tunnels detected in Gaza or to a tank left unguarded there. While an editorial in Keskisuomalainen explicitly states that the crimes of an Israeli president are “truly rare”, an editorial in Helsingin Sanomat dealing with the same issue (I can’t remember the day) explicitly insinuated the opposite, i.e, that this incidient is only “one of many” equivalent problems in Israel today.
Equivalently, while Finnish MTV3 news on the latest statements of the Iranian president correctly quoted him predicitng “the death of Israel”, Helsingin Sanomat settled with reporting his threats against Europe only and did not mention his threats towards Israel with one single word! If this is not brainwashing, what is?

True enough, HS published 21.10 a good article by Anne Applebaum (Finnish on line version not available) on Europe’s refusal to acknowledge the real threat of terrorism (although she hoped in the end that “the Europeans would be right”..), but where is the article revealing the even worse, deliberate blindness in Europe to the explicit threats to the very existence of Israel? (Iran, Hizbollah, Hamas etc.).

The most worrying news of them all: that those who were revealing and proving the Al Dura-document to be a forgery, couldn’t win their case against a TV-channel in a French court, means that Europe is truly going Pally/Hizbollywood; giving a green light to ANY media forgery demonizing Israel and sanctifying the Islamist extremists. Tundraman

Note by Al Avai:

“Travelling has afforded me the opportunity to see and hear some of the other press, and I have to say that the HS in particular seems really out of step. There is so much they don’t report or just give short notice (eg Palestinian infighting) that they have a permanent reality gap they must now maintain. How to circumvent this information embargo so that the average Finn gets the whole story is the greatest challenge.”

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