France Doesn’t Show The Way…….

I had recently come across an article that reported 112 cars are being torched every day across France, as well as fifteen attacks being carried out against the French police on a daily basis. All of this is proof that the rioting which erupted almost a year ago (Nov. 05), hasn’t even begun to ebb:

“FLAMES lick around a burning car on a tiny telephone screen. Omar, 17, a veteran of France’s suburban riots, replayed the sequence with pride. “It was great. We did lots of them and then we went out and torched more the next day.” Omar, whose parents immigrated from Mali, was savouring memories of the revolt that erupted 12 months ago from his home, the Chêne Pointu estate in Clichy-sous-Bois, in the eastern outskirts of Paris. “We’re ready for it again. In fact it hasn’t stopped,”

When I saw the news blurb about the burnt French bus on YLE 1 (Finnish state television) last night, with no mention of exactly what groups of individuals were responsible for the damage, I knew that the earlier article was in fact telling the truth. What’s also interesting is that the nonsense of “political correctness” can even dictate what the Finnish media can and cannot factually say about the perpertrators of a crime in far away France!

In my opinion, one of the factors directly responsible for the violence, is the appalling disinfranchisment of France’s minority youth from French society. With no where to turn, citizens within any society who view themselves as having been marginalized by the rest (majority) of society, will either turn to crime or to religion (or both), as a means to deal with their prediciment.

The gangs running rampant throughout the cities of France have turned to crime as a means to vent their frustrations, while the Islamic enclaves in which they live become more and more distant from the French culture that surrounds them. If the French politicians are in denial, the French police are under no illusions, they claim the Muslim immigrant youth are waging a war.

The blame for all this can be found in prior (failed) French policies that were forged within the Euro-Arab Dialogue, “favoring Muslim immigration and promoting Multiculturalism with a strong Islamic presence in Europe.” The failure and idiocy of these immigration policies have lead France to the brink of chaos, where they find themselves in an undesirable situation of not being able to exert French sovereignty over all of France. This is one major nail hammered into the coffin of “cultural relativism”, the misguided myth of multiculturalism that pretends that “all cultures are equal to each other” and can thrive in harmony, “separate but equal”;within one state.

Some of the major problems with this idea begins to take form when:

1.) Prospective immigrants hail from regions in the world where democratic principles are as foreign as the language of the host country.

2.) The state makes promises not to try and assimilate the new immigrants like it has successfully done with other immigrant groups.

3.) The state’s socialist infrastructure is no longer able to accomodate the low pay scale immigrants with steady employment.

4.) The religion of the immigrants refuses to accommodate the liberal democratic values of the host state. Opting rather for a model based on the Turkish principle of the “millet”, where people are allowed to practice their belief, economic and judicial system independent of the state.

I will not be optimistic over France’s chances of success in managing their social problems, until there is a clear recognization in France over the failure of prior policies, and the need to change them. More here. KGS

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