US State Department Official "Stupid and Arrogant" Remarks on Arab TV…….

US State Department official, Alberto Fernandez, makes the ludicrous charge of US “arrogance and stupidity” in its war in Iraq on Al-Jazeera Qaida television…..only to then later apologize for his own stupid remarks which:

“represents neither my views nor those of the State Department”

Yeah right.

The US State Department has been a logger heads with the Bush administration’s handling of the Iraq war (and the Bush Doctrine) from the very beginning, and this latest example of a “loose cannon” State Department mouthing off its disapproval of the president’s policy in Iraq is as political as it gets. I believe that the seasoned speaker of Arabic knew what he was saying when he said it, making this just another example of the SD shooting over the Bush Administration’s bow.

The Finnish news media of course salivated at the chance to run such a story;

YLE (Finnish state television): “US Diplomat Criticizes Own Iraq Policies”

Keskisuomalainen: “Diplomat admits USA’s arrogance in Iraq”

Helsinginsanomat: “American diplomat; USA Stupid and Arrogant in Iraq”

Only the KS and the HS included the portion that Fernandez retracted his remarks, Finnish state TV excluded that interesting piece of information altogether, however, I believe he actually meant what he said. KGS

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