Last Act For MacBeth…….

Thanks to the internet, liars and impostors such as Jesse MacBeth, cannot pass themselves off as Iraq war veterans for long. Internet bloggers have exposed MacBeth as a pathological liar, who has never seen a day of active duty in the US Army. MacBeth’s wild and very untrue stories of the atrocities he and his imaginary “band of brothers” committed while serving in Iraq, are strangely reminiscent of another cause celebrity, Sen. John Kerry.

What separates the two, is that at least in Kerry’s case, he did in fact serve in the US army while in Vietnam. What they both have in common however, is the ability to concoct wild stories about supposed atrocities commited by US troops during war time, and spread them as far and wide as possible in order to influence public opinion. Watch the video here. KGS

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