A Palestinian/Al-Qaida Nexus Of Evil…….

Egypt nows says that the bombings of its Sinai resort in Dahab on April 24, that killed 24 people, was carried out by an Al-Qaida cell comprised of Palestinian religious fanatics working out of Gaza. The WorldNetDaily had reported that the double bombing on 26th of April 2006 that it was the work of Al-Qaida as well:

“A suicide attack today in Egypt’s Sinai desert near the Israeli border and a second, nearly simultaneous foiled large-scale bombing against the main Israel-Gaza crossing were coordinated by al-Qaida and mark the global jihad group’s first strike inside the Jewish state, senior Palestinian security officials told WND.”

It is now clear that some Palestinians have linked up with Al-Qaida, in order to carry the global Islamist fight to not only Israel’s doorstep, but to Jordan and Egypt’s as well. A Hamas weapons cache was recently discovered in Jordan, that was smuggled in from Syria where Hamas’ leadership is based. Its not to far of a stretch to think that Hamas and Al-Qaida could be quietly supporting each other’s agendas, for not only Israel, but for the region as well.

What was the Swedish government really thinking when it issued those visas to the members of the terror group, Hamas? It shouldn’t come as surprise then, if one day, Stockholm receives a plea for asylum by Bin Laden, seeing thay they have already shown themselves to be more than willing to accomodate terrorists. KGS

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