Hamas Paper: Hitler Is Great……!

Thanks to the Palestinian Media Watch group for this one. The picture is of a Hamas rally. KGS

Hamas newspaper boasts: Hitler called Palestinians model revolutionariesOverview:The admiration of Hitler among Palestinians

The Hamas newspaper this week chronicled with pride the ways in which different foreign leaders singled out the Palestinians as examples of ideal revolutionaries. The first leader cited by the Hamas weekly, Al-Rissala, for praising the Palestinians was Adolf Hitler:

“Adolf Hitler, while exciting the Germans of the Sudetenland – the Sudetenland is a German province that the Allies had annexed to Czechoslovakia after the First World War – told them in his broadcasts: Look at what the Palestinian revolutionaries are doing to Great Britain!!” [Al-Rissala (Hamas Weekly), May 18, 2006]

This phenomenon of Palestinians being named after Hitler was explained in an article in the official PA daily praising the rewriting of history and the doing of “justice” to Hitler:

“Even Adolf Hitler, who after the fall of Nazi Germany turned into a political horror for most of the writers and artists, during the last decades has started to return himself to his part of the picture. There are some in Britain who defended Hitler and tried to do justice for him. There are elderly people, among them Arabs, who still carry the name Hitler since their fathers, who were charmed by him, linked them [their children] with his name.” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, April 13, 2000]

Sure explains a lot. KGS

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