Jimmy Carter a Dreaming…….

This past Monday, former US president Jimmy Carter, proved he still has a penchant for mediocrity, with his latest collection of ‘drippy’ intellectual blurbs. In a speech addressed to the participants of the Herzliya Conference on the Balance of Israel’s National Security, the 81-year old Carter said he believe that elections can change Hamas. I quote:

“I hope for the Palestinian elections will be peaceful, Carter said, as
well as “a demonstration of the commitment of most Palestinians to democracy.
That would be the result of Hamas’ candidates being successful in gaining
seats within the Palestinian Authority. My hope is that this will moderate
their position and lead to their transformation to a non-violent

“That’s my hope and my dream,”

I on the other hand, look to the Hezbollah as an example of what the future holds for the region, if they are formally accepted into the Palestinian government. Hezbollah is the only party in Lebanese politics that has control of over 10 000 missiles, effectively making them a state within a state. Hamas, has not only received logistical support from the Hezbollah, but political strategy as well. Abu Mazen’s Fattah exerts the same amount of authority over Hamas, as the Lebanese National Assembly has over the Hezbollah……0.

But that’s not all, lets lump together the canard that, the Israeli settlement policy is the moral equivelent of Palestinian suicide terrorism…….

“With increasing control of East Jerusalem, relatively secure behind the intrusive wall built in the West Bank, and with thousands of settlers protected by a strong occupying force, there is a temptation for many Israelis simply to withdraw from any further efforts to seek a just peace agreement proposals. The clear short term benefits may very well subvert any further genuine efforts for a comprehensive and permanent peace.”

The fact is, western types like Carter see no moral dilemma in the demand that, ”Palestinian terrorism cannot be considered a hindrance to the ‘peace process’, while a Jewish trailer on a hill is an obstacle to peace. Yes, Jimmy is definately dreaming.


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