The Writing On The Wall…….

What was feared has now happened. With the entrance of the Islamist Hamas into the forefront of Palestinian politics, all bets are off for any advance of the peace process. A wise person recently told me:

“Undemocratic movements (like the Nazis, Hamas, the Communists et al.) love to abuse democracy in the following way: One man – one vote – but only once”.

Many have warned about this moment, and its ironic to now hear the Finnish news loudly proclaim just how corrupt and inept the Fattah actually is…..now that Arafat is dead.

I remember a few years ago when the ”Dare to Refuse” conference came to Helsinki, under the guise of promoting peace in the Middle-East. Leftist Helsinki professor Pertti Multanen, Greens/Leftist parliamentarian Anne Sinnemäki, Leftist YLE journalist Hannu Reime and Unto Vesa, a Leftist from TAPRI were present, along with a couple of Israelis, one being a former IDF major Rami Kaplan. The ‘just bash Israel’ discussion panel concluded, and I was the first to offer a question.

I asked the panel about the gross corruption of the PA (Arafat was still breathing then) and the billions of foreign aid that are unaccountable, while the average Palestinian goes hungry…..why is it that no one here addresses that situation? Why is it that only Israel is lambasted for the fate of the Arabs, while Arafat and his cronies strip Palestinian society of all its wealth?

Not even one slightly intelligent answer was offered in reponse, other than that ”corruption is not new in the ME”. Well, now that same corruption has returned to haunt the region for a very long time to come. The PA has been the receiver of billions of foreign aid for years, and have little to show for it, because its been sucked down that very dark hole of misuse and wanton corruption. We only have the international community to blame for the ‘ostrich head in the sand approach’ to Palestinian thuggery and corruption and lawlessness. To bad that it was just recently that the EU withdrew funding due to its misuse by the PA, now it appears to have been too little too late. But cynical Europe and the Left will figure out a way to blame it all on Israel. KGS

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