Hamas, The End…….

Yesterday, the ten leaders of Palestinian terror groups met with the leaders of both Syria and Iran in Damascus. Iranian leader, Ahmadinejad, gave his full support to the Palestinian cause, something that they have already been doing for decades, through the funding of the Hezbollah terror group, and the Islamic Jihad. Hezbollah has been working throughout the WB and Gaza for some time now.

Should a political party’s legitimacy be based upon the number of its adherents and on the wefare it maintains for its constituants ? If so, what about the political ban for the national socialists in Germany, or the KKK in the US, seeing that both were founded on racist ideologies, having strong support, and advanced their aims through violence? How does Hamas differ from the two just mentioned?

These terror groups are being fawned over by an Iranian president that repeatedly calls for the destruction of Israel, denies the Jewish Holocaust, and hosts seminars with the same theme. How in the name of reason and common sense, can anyone rationally believe that Hamas and the rest of the Palestinian terror groups, who regulary hold court with these types, be expected to behave like a normal political party in the western sense? Who is kidding whom ?

If the Hamas gains any kind of political power, the prospects for an eventual peace agreement will be put on hold indefinately. The only message the US and Europe should be sending to the PA, is that Hamas is not a legitimate political party, and regardless of the election outcome, will not be given the credibility they seek. KGS

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