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UK: Whitehall knife Islamonazi terrorist born abroad, women shot by police wearing niqabs…….

I agree with David Vance, it’s as if there’s a trend here.

Whitehall Knife Terror Suspect ‘Born Abroad’, Women Shot Wore Niqab

The terror suspect apprehended with knives near Downing Street Thursday was a British national “born abroad” and has been named as Khalid Mohammed Omar Ali, the BBC has learnt.


And the women shot by police in an unconnected counter-terror operation in North London Thursday night wore a full-face Islamic veil, a neighbour and witness told The Telegraph.


She shouted, “don’t touch my body” as paramedics tried to tend to her wounds, claimed Ruth Haile, 40, who has lived in the area for nine years.


“I heard a shot and I looked out my window and there were dozens of police,” Ms. Haile said.


“The woman was being arrested, she was on the floor wearing a long dress and covered in a head scarf. She was shouting, ‘Do not touch me, do not touch my body.’


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