Islamic Barbarism Islamic brutality Muslim persecution of Christians

Pakistan: Christian burned with hot rods by Muslims for befriending a Muslim woman……

Hellish nightmare of a place to live….

This is how the Islamic street has ‘taken care of’ their dhimmis…..

Mother of Pakistani Christian Man Burned With Hot Iron Rods ‘Praying God Will Bring Justice’

The mother of Ansar Masih, a 21-year-old Christian man who was severely burned with hot iron rods for allegedly befriending a young Muslim woman in Pakistan, says she has never seen such brutality before and is praying that God would bring justice “as it happens to so many young Christian men.”
“My son’s life is precious to me and was almost taken away from me, he has undergone brutality the likes of which I have never seen before,” the victim’s mother, Nasreen Bibi, said, according to the British Pakistani Christian Association. “I am still shocked by the violence that he has survived and thank God that he is recovering.”

She continued, “The men that hurt him so badly deserve to be punished and I am praying God will bring justice into this situation as it happens to so many young Christian men.”

Masih was attacked in Sheikhupura in Pakistan’s Punjab province earlier this month by the father and brothers of the Muslim woman, identified as Jameela, because they did not approve of his “friendship” with her, according to the local Dawn newspaper.

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