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#GardenofSweden: Major underground car park set on fire, 23 cars toasted and roasted……..

Enrichment minus the marshmallows……

23 cars damaged in an underground garage fire in Rosengård

A major fire broke out during Friday evening in an underground garage, located at Von Lingens way in Rosengård Malmö. A total of 23 cars were totally or partially damaged in the fire, according to police.

The alarm came in at 21:39. Police and fire brigade was sent to Von Lingens way after a fire broke out in an underground garage. A lot of effort went late on Friday evening with a number of police patrols in place along with the rescue.

Much smoke in the garage


Shortly after 23 o’clock emergency services announced the fire was extinguished.

– There are six cars that are completely burned and 17 which are severely fire and smoke damaged, said Kim Hild, spokesperson for police south region on Saturday morning to SVT News Skane.

SVT via PeterSweden

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