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Pakistan: More Islamic induced gore, 14 y/o castrated, eyes gauged out for having forbidden relationship…….

There is in fact hierarchy in cultures…….

Boy, 14, is castrated and has eyes gouged out because his girlfriend’s family disapproved

A BOY of 14 had his eyes gouged out with an ice pick and penis hacked off with a dagger in a savage “honour” attack.

He was kidnapped by the family of a girl he was suspected of having a relationship with, said police.


Passers-by found blood-drenched Aish and took him to hospital where doctors battled to save his life.

It is not known if they managed to re-attach his penis.


But he was “robbed of his sight for the rest of his life,” said police documents.


His devastated father Javed said: “After three-weeks treatment, the doctors discharged him saying he will have to live with it for the rest of his life.”


The horrifying attack took place on February 27 but it has only now come to light after his family held a demo claiming the accused were backed by an influential politician in Lahore, Pakistan.


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