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The ‘New Swedes’ will be pleased to hear that. Seeing that Sweden has taken the path of Islamization, full sharia law is only a matter of time, however long that takes, and the fundamentalist Muslims have plenty of patience to await that eventuality. For them, the cleric’s statement is a “win-win” announcement.


Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Sallah: Implementing Religious Law Will Make Egypt the Mightiest Country in World, Richer Than Sweden


[I]f you consider all the triumphs over the oppressors and infidels in modern times — they were all achieved under Egyptian commanders. In Afghanistan, with the help of the Arab mujahideen, they brought down the Soviet Union. The commanders of the Arab mujahideen were from Egypt. When the first Arab mujahideen reached Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, they defeated Serbia. That’s right, my dear brothers. When the first mujahideen reached Libya, they improved the military equipment there, they defeated and toppled Al-Qadhafi.

If we accept the demands of Allah and implement His laws, we will live according to His words: “If the people of the towns had but believed and feared Allah, we should have opened for them all kinds of blessings from heaven and earth.”

The best proof of this is Saudi Arabia. Abraham said [to Allah]: “My Lord, I have made some of my offspring dwell in a valley without cultivation, near Thy Sacred House.” But this “valley without cultivation” exports wheat, this “valley without cultivation” received bounty from the skies. Thus, airplanes carrying pilgrims in their millions have landed there. The people in that country live a life of plenty, after having lived a life of hardship, poverty, and deprivation. The land gives forth minerals and petroleum, and it has become one of the wealthiest countries. Why? It is thanks to the law of Allah.

If a country with no potential for wealth can live in such abundance and joy, it is needless to say what would become of a country full of natural resources, if it implemented the law of Allah. By Allah, [Egypt] would be the mightiest nation of the world. It would be richer than Sweden, and its per capita income would be higher than any European country. Hence, our enemies do not want us to have stability, prosperity, or security, and they are constantly instigating civil strife, which afflicts the people like wildfire.

Therefore, you must be vigilant. Be vigilant.

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