Historical Moment for Malaysia: Model and Mother of Two Soon to Be Caned For Drinking Beer…….

Sharia’s “Sores for Suds”

In Malaysia, caning is inPerhaps next season when the Formula 1 circus comes back to town, they’ll put on a special pre-race caning show, so the whole world can see how this ”modern” Muslim state keeps its folks in line.
Seeing that FIA boss, Max Mosely is keen on caning, I wouldn’t expect any objection’s coming from the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, hey Max might even join in with the caning, but for other reasons than for the implementation of sharia law.
Model who drank beer to be first woman caned in Malaysia

Muslim model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno has become the first woman in Malaysia to be sentenced to a caning after being caught drinking beer in a beach resort.

The 32-year-old will receive six lashes at a woman’s prison next week in what is being viewed as an example of the growing influence of Islamic hardliners on the country.

The mother-of-two who lives in Singapore with her husband, paid a fine of £860, but declined to lodge an appeal so she could get the punishment over with and put the episode behind her.

The harsh sentence has provoked anger among women’s rights groups who fear it is another sign of the creeping influence of conservative Islam on Malaysian society.

In the northern backwater state of Kalentan ruled by the hardline Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, authorities have decreed that supermarkets must have separate checkout queues for men and women and beaches be segregated.

Young couples caught sitting too close together on park benches in the state capital, Kota Baru, are hunted down by the city’s moral enforcers and fined up to £285 in Sharia courts.

The Islamic alcohol prohibition laws in Malaysia’s eastern Pahang state date back more than two decades. But Malaysian-born Kartika, who now has Singaporean citizenship, is the first woman to fall foul of them.

She was arrested in July last year in a hotel nightclub in the beach resort of Cherating during a raid by the state’s religious department and admitted drinking beer.

If the highly sexed up Formula 1 organization had any stones, they would reject driving in Malaysia until it rejected its anti-human rights sharia law system, but the European hypocrites that run that sport love their money more than human rights. And they dare point their finger at the US. Indeed. KGS

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