Finnish Capital’s Newspaper Helsingin Sanomat Reports on Aftonbladet’s Blood Libel in ‘He Said She Said Article…….

Anti-Israel Helsingin Sanomat
stays true to form

The HS breathes life into a blood libelTraditionally, the Helsingin Sanomat has a strong bias against Israel, the Tundra Tabloids has documented a ton of examples of how this bird cage paper reports the news. If Israel can be maligned, it will do so, and never, ever will it receive the benefit of the doubt in any case whatsoever. Israel is always guilty, and even when it’s clearly not, the HS uses the safety net of their supposed “neutrality to report it as just a “he said- she said” incident, thereby equating those spinning gross blood libels with the condemnations coming from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That’s what HS’s Kalle Koponen did in today’s article on the incident, in: “Israel raivostui Aftonbladetissa julkaistusta artikkelista / Israel furious over article published in the Aftonbladet, The journalist, Kalle Koponen, dutifully gives the details surrounding the Israeli reaction to the publication of the story, but then repeats the unsubstantiated accusations by the Swedish journalist, Donald Boström, in a typical “he said-she said” fashion. Instead of investigating the journalist in question, the HS instead, simply chooses to report his views without questioning the veracity of his highly ludicrus claims. The Tundra Tabloids has already reported that Donald Boström’s previous allegations of organ stealing were based on telephone conversations with people he had never met, something of which he later confided to Mats Skogkär, a journalist working for the Swedish paper Sydsvenskan.HS: Freelance journalist Donald Boström described in a lengthy article Israel’s current shortage of organs in its health care system, and of the alleged tendency to view the illegal trade of organs through its fingers. He described an experience of more than ten years ago in a West Bank village, in which a youngster was buried after having been shot by soldiers. In the context of the funeral it was revealed that an autopsy had been done on the deceased. According to Boström, several UN officials said at the time that they suspected in confrontations with the deceased or the detained, organs were taken from the bodies. Locals suspected the same.”

What a punk paper. The fall back defense is that “we were just reporting what he said”, but YES, failing to uncover more about how Bostöm received his information, and whether or not the claims were supported with actual evidence. Who are these ‘UN officials’, the same hacks that work for the UNWRA or the UNHRC? Where’s the freaking evidence?The axiom “incredible claims require credible evidence”, is a tried and true concept and should be well known and used by these journalists, instead of just repeating what anyone spouts from his/her mouth. Such supposed journalism is highly unprofessional, even if it’s one your own making the claims. By default, the Helsingin Sanomat breathes new life into the Aftonbladet blood libel, either through its own stupid, and very unprofessional journalism, or worse yet, a gross ingrained malicious attitude towards the Jewish state of Israel. KGS

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