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Ezra Levant: Trudeau admits winter warfare training of Chinese military DID HAPPEN……!


Now we know why President Trump cooled on Canada’s Justin Trudeau.


I keep speaking about the depth of the Chinese Communist Party’s infiltration in the West, here’s more proof of it..!


First of all. Why would Canada see a need to train an enemy military force on its own soil, who is in fact not only a traditional enemy of Canada, but the US, and the entire free world as well? Secondly, why would they be training their military officers in Canadian military academies? Don’t they realize that their tactics, many of which are NATO-related provide needed intelligence for their military? Thirdly, doesn’t China have its own sub-zero areas to conduct military maneuvers?


It’s not too much of a stretch to believe that Justin Trudeau has ideological attachments to the Chinese Marxist regime, and I suspect that they have something on him as well. Their financial dealings with the West have many strings attached, an intellectually honest media would have fleshed them out ages ago.


BREAKING UPDATE: Trudeau admits winter warfare training of Chinese military DID HAPPEN



Yesterday we published a bombshell document: 34 pages of military secrets detailing how the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have been training with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).


You can see for yourself at What’s so amazing about these files is that instead of national secrets being blacked out by military censors, they were just greyed out — so they’re completely legible.


(Maybe a whistleblower gave it to us on purpose to raise the alarm about Trudeau’s misconduct.)


The documents show that Trudeau conducted 18 different military projects with China in 2019. We were training the enemy.


But then the CAF wanted to cancel a winter warfare training session for the PLA, scheduled for CFB Petawawa in Ontario, warning that it risked a “knowledge transfer” to the Chinese. This enraged Trudeau, who ordered the CAF not to cancel any more training sessions for the PLA without his permission.


In Question Period today, Trudeau’s defence minister, Harjit Sajjan, tried to take credit for cancelling that session, bizarrely blaming it on Stephen Harper. (That’s a lie, of course — the China Files clearly show the Liberals did everything to keep PLA training on track.)


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