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Mark Levin: It is TIME for the U.S. Supreme Court to INTERCEDE…….


No more sitting on the sidelines…!


Via RS:

Tonight, Mark Levin dedicated his show to the problems with the 2020 presidential election, and if your eyes weren’t opened yet, this will be your eye-opener.


Just the opening monologue on ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ alone should shake you. But when you pull in his guest, whose interview we posted a clip from earlier, it’s actually amazing that the Democrat media think they can just tell everyone to shut up and move on.


They think just insisting it’s crazy and stupid to think something is wrong will be enough to make everyone accept their pronouncements. The crowd last night in Georgia should’ve knocked that idea out of their heads but it won’t.


As Levin says in the below clip, it’s time for the Supreme Court to step in. It’s time for grown-ups, not CNN hosts, to make decisions.


More here.

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