US Election fraud

US: Sworn Affadavit of Key Witness in Dominion/Smartmatic Voting Fraud…….


The evidence is real, the inclination by many to dismiss it outright foolhardy…


Byron York Tweets at the end of the affidavit:


So, how much does that explain about the workings of the 2020 U.S. presidential election? Not a lot. But at the moment, it appears to be the centerpiece of the Dominion-Smartmatic theory. 6/6 End.
Hey Byron, you’re wrong. That any of this is even remotely related to the US election system is of the utmost importance, in that it’s not only an outrage but a question of national security as well. She is laying out the pretext for their suspicions of the company Dominion and the software used, Smartmatic. This detailed affidavit lays out the reasons for the software to be developed. This is crucial evidence of actual intent, that committing fraud was factored into the production of the software. Of course it’s crucial to their case.


From the Trump legal team press conference on Wednesday. Sydney Powell:

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