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Daniel Greenfield: Hunter Biden’s magical Moscow laptop…….


Any proof offered that dispels the myth is deemed a part of the conspiracy…


Hunter Biden’s magical Moscow laptop

The Russian disinformation operation can’t be disproven, as is the way of conspiracy theories. Why not simply look at a calendar. Opinion.


There are only so many ways that media and social media companies can avoid saying, “We refuse to run this story or allow it to be seen by any human being because it might hurt Biden.”


First they claimed that it was unverified, a problem that never troubled the same papers and news networks which had spent years claiming that President Trump was a Russian agent.


After arguing that the story is unethical because it contains stolen materials, a scruple that the media failed to exercise when it gleefully rushed to dig through everything from Sarah Palin’s email account to Trump’s tax returns, they defaulted to Russia.


Hunter Biden’s laptop is, the media and social media companies insist, a Russian operation.


What’s the evidence for the Biden laptop being a Russian operation? About the same as the evidence that Trump is a Russian agent. Or, as the media might politely call it, “unverified.”


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