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Bernie Sanders Supporter Glenn Greenwald: “US Media Colluding To Quash Hunter Biden Laptop-Email Scandal”…….


Credit to where credit is due…


In a twitter post, long-time Left-of-the-aisle journalist, Glenn Greenwald, exposes exactly just what is going on in the US media concerning the Hunter Biden Laptop-Email scandal. Here’s the text of tweets arranged in regular reading form.


Glenn Greenwald:

Has a single person claimed, let alone proven, that a single email published by the NY Post is forged or fraudulently altered?
The only people who engaged in “disinformation” are the chirping parrots in the media & CIA who called this “Russian disinformation” with zero basis.

The biggest scandal in this whole tawdry, shameful episode isn’t (yet) the misconduct or corruption exposed by the emails, but rather the way the intelligence community & journalists united to censor & just lie about these documents. And why is the

There are newsrooms and top editors explicitly stating they do not want the Burisma emails investigated or this story reported — not because they believe the emails are fakes (nobody believes that) but because they think it’s wrong to report this on Biden given how bad Trump is.

The reality is that the vast, vast majority of journalists with national media outlets want Biden to win — and, more importantly, most who matter in their cultural milieu want the same — so nobody wants to be attacked for looking like they helped Trump win by *reporting on Biden.

Many journalists who did their job in 2016 — by reporting on the FBI criminal probe into Hillary & DNC corruption revealed by WL emails — spent 4 years being attacked & told they’re to blame for Trump, so this time around they’d rather renounce their duties than endure attacks.


Here he is on Tucker Carlson stating the very same thing, scroll to the 23 min. mark:

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