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Daniel Greenfield: Racist Looters and Rioters (BLM’rs-Antifa) Form a PAC…….


Racist Looters and Rioters Form a PAC

I’m so glad that supporters of a wanted racist terrorist, and the Ford Foundation and George Soros get another PAC.

The Black Lives Matter PAC will formally roll out its programs as early as Monday, according to Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter. The committee plans to endorse a slate of candidates ahead of the general election, paying special attention to mayoral, county sheriff and district attorney races.

The timing of this is pretty sudden. But the question is whether Black Lives Matter can find enough candidates who support its platform of abolishing the family, freeing all the criminals, and randomly forcing people to make its Nazi salute.




In practice, this likely means backing the usual slate of Soros DAs and sheriffs. That’s what the story already emphasizes.

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