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Trump-Biden Showdown in Cleveland

Candidates exchange insults as Biden tries to distance himself from leftist agenda.

President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, faced off head to head in the first of three presidential debates Tuesday night, which was held in Cleveland, Ohio. The 90-minute debate was moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. The two candidates often spoke over each other, with Chris Wallace at times acting like a school disciplinarian trying to break up a street brawl.

President Trump displayed strength and energy in going after Biden on a host of issues. “I’ve done more in 47 months than you’ve done in 47 years,” Trump declared. “47 years, you have done nothing,” Trump added.


The good news for Biden is that he held his own and survived to fight another day. Biden showed exasperation at being frequently interrupted. “You shut up, man,” Biden told Trump after one such interruption. On other occasions, Biden lobbed insults at Trump, calling him a clown, “Putin’s puppy,” a liar, a racist and the “worst president” in American history. “Under this president, we’ve become weaker, sicker, far more divided and more violent,” Biden said. At times, Biden simply ignored Trump’s jabs and looked directly into the camera to address the millions of people watching from home.


Biden came close to losing his cool when Trump hectored Biden repeatedly over his son Hunter’s shady business dealings in China, Russia and Ukraine while his father was serving in the Obama administration as vice president. The establishment media — which is clearly in the tank for Joe Biden’s candidacy — has done its level best to bury the facts about Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption, but Trump was not about to let the issue go unmentioned.

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