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US: Leftist ‘Forward’ Conflates Modern-Day Violent Antifa with Zionists Fighting Real Fascists in the 40’s…….


The Left distorts history and fuels anti-Jewish conspiracies…


The Forward, a news media site run by Leftist-leaning Jews, published an article that was meant to dispel the truth-bomb leveled by President Donald Trump in Tuesday’s debate with Democrat hopeful candidate, Joe Biden.



President Trump, while focused like a laser on the violent Marxist group Antifa, of course, condemned violent white supremacy and militia groups. However, he wanted to know who exactly was Wallace talking about before condemning them.


I don’t approve of some of the opinions that some of the PB founders have espoused. Anti-Jewish conspiracy nonsense speaks for itself, such nasty rhetoric can usually be found with people who tend to be infatuated with conspiracy theories in general. That said, as a violent “white supremacist” group, the Proud Boys are truly lousy at it, in fact, they reject the very concept of “white supremacy”.


The Proud Boys formed as a resistance group against radical Leftist groups such as Antifa, which was attacking conservatives and other speakers at various events. Unlike the highly organized Antifa, the Proud Boys have not been attacking people for the sake of their opinions. The Left is simply trying to change the focus away from its “Black-Shirts”, (literally).


The Forward tries to rehabilitate Antifa by dusting off its pro-Zionist credentials from almost eighty years ago, during a period where Jews were being literally hunted down and murdered by Fascist Germany and its other European accomplices. Are we supposed to be shocked that there were Marxist Jews? Or even more shocked that they believed in a heretical form of Marxism that didn’t fully disavow Religion or nationalism?


What the Forward tries to do, disingenuously, is to conflate the time period of the 30’s-40’s with what’s happening today. Brian of London Tweet’s the following:


He goes further on to say:



Brian is of course right. Marxist Communism (like its latter sibling Fascism) set out to reconstruct society in order to make the “new man”. That new construct meant anything that preceded it had to be expunged. It had no room for the religion of old. Marxism, a pseudo-religion would be all that remained. Context is everything, it always has been. Antifa today, while being the product of Marxist Russia from its USSR days, characterizes that time period in it’s anti-Jewish/anti-Zionist conspiracy mindset.


So the Forward does in fact want to airbrush out that history, because it runs counter to what they’re presently spinning. They want to counter Trump’s condemnation by insisting that Antifa is actually against the racist bigots, when in fact it’s full of (violent) racists and bigots. They want to wrap (Leftist) Jews around the radical movement in order to protect it from criticism, but in doing so feed straight into the anti-Jewish conspiracy found on both sides because they fail to provide exact context for the historical connection because it undermines their goals.






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