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Sweden: Facebook Post By New Arab Party Tells Swedes Who Don’t Like Diversity To Leave…….


Courtesy of Jihad Watch: 

A Muslim leader in France has recently said essentially the same thing: “Islam is the second religion, the second community in France. Those who do not like us have only to leave France. France, we love it with its Muslim community or we leave it,” said Abdelaziz Boumediene, President of the Movement for International Solidarity.

Sweden: New Arab Party asks Swedes ‘who do not accept diversity to renounce their citizenship and leave the country’


Politics. All Swedes who “do not accept diversity” are urged to renounce citizenship and leave Sweden. So writes the newly formed Arab Party on Facebook.


“The Arab Party wants to ask all Swedes who do not accept diversity to renounce their citizenship and leave the country. You have nothing to do here, your Sweden that you want back is gone for good.”


As well as:


“The Arab Party wants to arrange an emigration project for Swedes who do not like the situation, to facilitate integration and create community in the country.”


This is what the so-called “Arab party” writes in posts on Facebook that have provoked strong reactions on social media.


Criminal Arab


The Facebook group “Arab Party” was formed almost three weeks ago, at the same time as the party’s domain address was registered. The website states that the party aims to “take responsibility for our people”. Only those who have no criminal record for the past five years and have a university degree are welcome as members, it is claimed.


It is unclear how many members the Arab party has, but the Facebook page has a little over 200 followers. The party is not registered with the Election Authority.


The contact person for the party is a 33-year-old Malmö resident who immigrated to Sweden from Iraq in the 90s. The 33-year-old has been convicted of several crimes. In 2009, he was sentenced to forensic psychiatric care with a special discharge examination for aggravated assault, assault, attempted assault, domestic violence and harassment. In 2017, he was again sentenced to forensic psychiatric care with a special discharge test for illegal threats and harassment.


According to court documents that Fria Tider has read, the 33-year-old is earning a living and has in recent years on a large number of occasions tried to appeal the latest decision on forensic psychiatric care.


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