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Phyllis Chesler: Dad’s arrest exposes support network behind alleged Honor Killers…….


Of course there’s a support network, it’s comprised of the followers of Islam…


Dad’s arrest exposes support network behind alleged Honor Killers

Honor killers feel that they’re acting in self-defense once they feel family honor has been tainted. The girls ”deserve’ it. Op-ed.


The FBI-led Dallas Violent Crimes Task Force captured Yaser Abdel Said on Aug. 26, 12 years after he allegedly murdered his two teenage daughters in 2008. Yaser’s son and brother, Yassein and Islam Said, were also arrested for “harboring a dangerous fugitive.”


Yaser Said’s daughters, Amina and Sarah, were two beautiful, lively, and academically ambitious American girls, growing up in Irving and Lewisville, suburbs of Dallas. According to Texas relatives, their Egyptian-born father, Yaser, physically, sexually, and psychologically abused the girls starting when they were around 8 and 9. He routinely monitored and stalked them and threatened their lives. Their mother, Texas-born Patricia (“Tissie”) Said, denied Yaser’s violence. She also persuaded her daughters to recant their accusations of sexual abuse since “Daddy would have to go to jail.”


Guns were everywhere at home. Tissie, who married Yaser when she was 15, said she thought it was just a joke. Walls were punched, computers and desks broken, eyes blackened, cheeks reddened—braces embedded into lips. Things escalated when Amina refused to marry an unknown, much older man in Egypt for the sake of her father’s honor—and bank account. Things really escalated when their father learned that they had Christian boyfriends, one of whom was Black and Hispanic. Now, Yaser viewed his daughters as “sluts” and “whores,” whom he must kill.


Late in 2007, 18-year-old Amina and 17-year-old Sarah finally ran away with two friends, boys, who wanted to help save their lives. Strangely, Tissie went along, possibly in order to spy on them for Yaser. After she returned home, Tissie implored her daughters to come back. She assured them that Yaser would not harm them.


They returned—and within hours, on Jan. 1, 2008, Yaser allegedly shot them to death in his taxicab. One of the dying girls called the police, said that her father had shot them both, and that they were dying.


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