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The Utopian Virus in Power

Why Marxist revolutionaries are able to sow as much destruction as they do today.

As we learned in the previous chapter, the utopian virus gives birth to the Left and pushes it towards an alliance with the Jihadist Psychopath. It becomes clear, therefore, what a catastrophe the virus represents for the West, now that it has taken hold of the West’s  main institutions and power structures. Having seized power in both America and Western Europe, the Left is now actively enabling a Marxist — and an Islamic Supremacist — destructive encroachment on its own democratic host societies.


Trump’s entry into the White House brought much hope that the progressive/Islamic supremacist tide could be halted on several fronts, but the problem remained that the Left had its forces deeply entrenched in the federal government and within the Trump administration itself.[1] The Left also remained extremely powerful, retaining control over the media, academia, Hollywood and the culture at large. This chapter will examine the Left’s dominion in each of these realms and reveal how and why it got there. In so doing, it will provide a concrete understanding of the Unholy Alliance’s[2] strength and its inordinate ability to achieve power


The leftist Obama administration ruled America for eight years and wreaked horrific damage in the process.[3] Despite the coming to power of Donald Trump, the Left’s forces remained deeply embedded within the government and within the new administration itself. The Utopian Virus also continued to possess a suffocating grip on the culture at large and, consequently, on the boundaries of what is presented to be permitted discourse in America.

Consequently, our situation today:

In terms of the American media, the Left maintains almost complete control. While Fox News remains one of the conservative exceptions (with significant caveats), one only needs to watch MSNBC and CNN, or read the New York Times and Washington Post, to get a glimpse of how the Left rules U.S. media. No space exists in these outlets, for instance, for a real discussion about what Marxism is and how it inspires Black Lives Matter and Antifa ideology and violence. No space is provided for an authentic dialogue about what Islamic theology is and how its texts inspire and sanction Islamic Jihad. This is a tell-tale indicator of how the Left regulates language and thought in America.


There is, we should note, obviously an “independent” conservative media on the Internet, just as there are various conservative websites. Web-tv stations such as The Rebel, Info Wars, and the CRTV network, and websites such as Breitbart, and are definitely part of a “resistance” movement that offers people information about the Left and Islamic supremacism that they will not find in the mainstream media. While these outlets are courageous in their dissident efforts, and while they maintain some strength and popularity, they still remain marginalized from the levers of power in the culture at large, and the malicious manner in which they are repeatedly censored — and slandered by the Left (as being racist, Islamophobic, etc.) — helps to keep them on the periphery of the national discourse.[4]


With regard to academia, the situation today is an abomination. The Left completely controls the curricula and has brutally decimated free speech on campus. Leftist professors outnumber conservative professors roughly 12 to 1 at universities across America.[5] But although they are the overwhelming majority in numbers, leftists on campus now demand a “safe space” to shield them from any ideas they deem offensive — and cowardly university administrators surrender to them on a regular basis. Conservative faculty and students know they will be demonized and ostracized if they dare to break from the leftist Party Line. Prominent conservatives who dare to come speak on a U.S. campus face fascistic riots, violence and threats.


The riots that prevented Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at UC Berkeley in February 2017, followed by that university’s blocking of Ann Coulter’s and David Horowitz’s attempts to speak there in April 2017, are just a few examples of the fascist Left’s takeover of academia.[6] Additional examples abound, including the violent protests that aimed to prevent Ben Shapiro from speaking at California State University in February 2016 and the major uproar that occurred at Yale when ex-Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali was invited to speak there in September 2014.[7] All of these blatant illustrations of the Left’s totalitarianism on American campuses reveal how “progressives” have taken over academia and stamped out all intellectual diversity — a phenomenon that David Horowitz has meticulously documented in many of his works.[8] It is no surprise, of course, that it is especially Islamic Jihad and its true sources that cannot be discussed on a U.S. campus today, and the Unholy Alliance plays a central role in this narrative, seeing how the Saudi funding of American universities is heavy and has its obvious and intended results.[9]


In Hollywood, it is a given that we are dealing with uncontested leftist terrain. One could never imagine even one movie about Black Lives Matter and its true Marxist roots and objectives. Nor could one ever imagine even one movie about the terror war that would honestly discuss Koranic texts in terms of how they inspire and sanction Jihadists’ war on the West. There are, to be sure, some rare exceptions where a film might dare to suggest that Jihadists are the bad guys, such as American Sniper. But Hollywood does not allow any depiction of Islamic terrorism as a function of Islamic theology — and that is because the industry is ruled by the utopian virus. We know, of course, what Hollywood does allow: the propaganda which contends that “Islamophobia” — and not Islam — poses the real danger to the United States and to the world at large. And that is why anyone can be a terrorist in Hollywood movies — anyone, that is, except a Muslim. Instead, Muslims are always the victims. Films such as Syriana, Traitor, Kingdom of Heaven and Redacted are perfect examples of this phenomenon.[10]


It is no coincidence, just like with the academic setting, that Muslim Middle-East countries are investing in Hollywood.[11] Muslim Brotherhood front groups also apply consistent pressure on the industry to produce Islam-friendly films. The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), for instance, which was founded by Muslim Brotherhood members,[12] has its own Hollywood Bureau which intimidates film-makers on the subject of Jihad and Islam, “offers” consultations for script approval, and gives out awards to those who portray Islam in the Brotherhood-approved way.[13]


Hollywood’s deference to its Unholy Alliance masters also explains why, along with aiding and abetting Islamic supremacism, its movies routinely assail the Judeo-Christian tradition while promoting all other radical agendas.[14]


How did we come to this point, where the Left so thoroughly dominates the West’s popular culture? The key to understanding this phenomenon is to grasp that the Utopian Virus infects the psychic DNA of its host with the impulse to wage perpetual war. The virus is, in and of itself, a form of constant rebellion. When the serpent deceived Eve in the Garden, it wasn’t a momentary mental lapse that he had, in the sense that he was bored and, to pass the time, he whimsically approached Eve and deceived her. And it was not as if, upon having completed his task, he just contentedly turned his attention to other mundane and benign activities. No, the serpent is always at work in his rebellion against God. He is always at war, and his agenda is ferocious and destructive. And the progressive moment on earth is his war in its earthly incarnation.


The Left, in other words, never sleeps. Having inherited the utopian virus from the serpent,[15] progressives are in a perpetual state of battle. Political war is their raison d’être, and their overriding goal is to destroy democratic-capitalist society and the Judeo-Christian tradition on which it is based.


No author has dissected and explained the Left’s perpetual war better than David Horowitz. His scholarship thoroughly lays bare the Left’s basic nature, its preferred tactics, and the reasons behind its victories in political battle.[16] He crystallizes how the Left’s hatred and utopian vision inspires a missionary zeal which is perfectly suited to aggressive tactics and no-holds-barred combat. In illuminating this phenomenon, Horowitz also shows how conservatives are severally disadvantaged in fighting the Left because they are not trying to transform the world; they are not at war 24/7, the way the Left is. Conservatives are much more inclined to simply live their lives, rather than to be engaged in endless crusades to transform society. For them, unlike for leftists, the personal can be separated from the political.


For these reasons, conservatives commonly fail to understand that there is a political war in process. Many of them even disapprove of their fellow conservatives engaging in political war when they perceive one. For the most part, conservatives just want to be nice; they prioritize being polite, having tidy and well-trimmed lawns, and avoiding conflict. They do not realize that the Left is out to destroy them and the society that they love. Consequently, they are severely handicapped in fighting political war. Horowitz’s book, Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left, makes this point with crystal clarity, showing exactly why the Left is so good at political warfare, why conservatives fail at it, and what the latter need to do to fight back and win.[17]


Another crucial factor that facilitates the Left’s success in political battle is its shrewd focus on winning the culture. Italian Stalinist Antonio Gramsci played a pivotal role in teaching the Left this path to power. In his writings in the 1930s, Gramsci stressed that the Left had to put cultural institutions at the center of its revolutionary battle. In his vision, this meant infiltrating and taking over academia, the media, churches, the arts and all other realms of culture.[18] By this process, progressive ideas would be introduced into the general culture and into the national discourse and, inevitably, people’s thinking would be reshaped. The leftist vision would mold the ruling ideas and, eventually, produce the ruling political class. In other words: capture the culture and own political power. Authors such as David Horowitz and Barry Rubin have  documented that it is precisely by this Gramscian prescription that the Left fought the culture war and subsequently captured power.[19]


In terms of political power itself, the Left has thoroughly infiltrated and taken control of the Democratic Party in America. As Horowitz has documented in his book Shadow Party, radical billionaire George Soros played a major role in this development by putting together a coalition of wealthy funders, radical activists and political apparatchiks who eventually gained a lock on the Democratic Party’s political apparatus, excluding moderates and molding party policies in a radical direction.[20] And the rest was history: After taking control of the Democratic Party, the Left captured the White House with the coming to power of Barack Obama.[21] Obama’s entire political career, as Horowitz shows, was shaped, funded and made possible by the Left’s financial and political network.[22]


In his documentation of the workings of the Shadow Party, Horowitz dispelled the myth that conservatives and the Republican Party somehow represent the rich and powerful, while progressives and the Democrats are “the party of the people.” Much to the contrary, Horowitz demonstrated that it is the Left that has successfully built the richest and most powerful political machine in American history. His work The New Leviathan exposed this influential and wealthy network and shows how the Left routinely moves radical ideas like Obamacare from the periphery of society, normalizes them, and then makes them the priority agendas of the Democratic Party.[23]


It is precisely in this way that the Left has succeeded in maneuvering America’s entire national and social policy debate onto its own radical territory, thereby transforming the nation’s political and cultural climate.[24] This is precisely why, as Horowitz has also demonstrated, Democrats and political leftists have controlled the governing councils and public schools of every major inner city in America for fifty years or more.[25]


The Left has actually achieved so much power, and is effecting such fundamental toxic change in America, that Horowitz felt it necessary to create an entire online encyclopedia of the Left,, which provides a map of all of its networks, funding, operatives and agendas. The site identifies the purveyors of Islamic supremacism, lays bare the Left’s alliance with them, and describes all the radical networks that surrounded the Obama administration and the Democratic Party leadership up till the present.[26]


Thus, it becomes clear how and why the Left has taken so much power in America and has gained control of the boundaries of permitted discourse. We can see why the Left has been so successful, by means of its Unholy Alliance with radical Islam, in enabling the Marxist Revolution and totalitarian lockdowns today — and the Jihadist Psychopath who is also currently conquering us.


One of the main weapons that the Left has used in its position of power to aid and abet the Jihadist Psychopath is Jihad Denial. By making us unable to see, and speak about, the true threat and enemy we face, it has crippled our ability to defend ourselves. Jihad Denial, therefore, is a vital component for us to explore and comprehend. And so, we deconstruct and unveil its dark character and mechanisms in the next chapter.



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