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Sweden: Stockholm Police Prepare For Danish Politician Rasmus Paluden’s Koran Burning And Resulting Riots…….


Courtesy of PT-Media:


Stockholm police are preparing for a weekend riot, with more than 1,000 extrapolated people in the city

Stockholm police are preparing for riots for the weekend. According to Aftonbladet, more than 1,000 extra police have been alerted to the city ​​and extra jailing facilities have been put in place.



Police decided today not to grant permission for Rasmus Paludan’s protest. The application was requested to “mock and insult Islam and burn the Qur’an” in five different locations in Stockholm and the surrounding areas.


According to Aftonbladet, the police denied the permit due to the fact that it poses a serious threat to public order and security that follows from the protest. In addition, the corona epidemic was invoked. The organizer cannot guarantee that no more than 50 people will arrive.


Paluda has announced that the Qur’an will be burned anyway, as in Malmö, the police are preparing for the riots. According to the Swedish police, the incident has been defined as a “special incident” and more than 1,000 extra police have been alerted to the city. Among them are police special forces, various strike groups and riot forces. As there are no police jailing facilities in the Järva area, an old holding facility that has been closed for a few years has been re-opened in Sollentuna and is fully prepared.



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