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According to the Finnish media, recognizing Joe Biden’s cognitive problems is “just a gimmick”………


The Finnish media’s frame of mind concerning Trump is represented in these hilarious last two paragraphs, and why they’ll be absolutely stunned, yet again, in November.


Mikko Marttinen writing his “political analysis” of the Democrat party’s convention:




Cluebat for Marttinen, the Trump team already knows what his weaknesses are, as do the Democrats, that’s why they’ve kept him away from the public for so long. But not only Joe, Kamala Harris is also a huge liability, after having been rejected by the democrats, there she is once again like a bad penny who will just not shine in spite of all the rubbing.


Black voters (which the DNC needs at least 90% to win) )are disgusted with the DNC, their pick, and their platform, and will be voting in droves for Donald J.Trump.

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