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US: Failed Candidate For Governor of Georgia Insists US Constitution Began “Voter Suppression”…….


Either dumber than dirt, or maliciously disingenuous, knowing full well that it was Democrats in the South who institutionalized voter suppression, not America…


The US constitution was/still is a far-reaching document that drew its inspiration from the European Enlightenment. While not being perfect, being a product of human design, it set the road to eventual freedom for those who could not participate in the full freedoms it delivered at the moment of its ratification. It’s something that US President Abraham Lincoln noted in one of many of his addresses.


Refusal to assess that period in the proper context of the time in which US independence from Britain occurred, is a highly calculated move by the various Marxist forces currently occupying the Democrat Party. It’s pure poison and evil.


Stacey Abrams: U.S. Constitution ‘Began the Practice of Voter Suppression’

Failed Georgia Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is now blaming the Constitution for what she claimed was the beginning of “the practice of voter suppression” in the United States as the left-winger continues to push for vote-by-mail options in elections nationwide.

“Voter suppression was baked into the notion of America,” Abrams recently told Vanity Fair. “It was embedded not in our Declaration, which was a glorious document, but the Constitution began the practice of voter suppression.” She added:

We are reaffirming the experiment now, but we are also seeing some terrible examples of the original flaw in our design, which is that we have delegated to the states the ability to determine not eligibility, but access. Luckily, we have 34 states that already have some version of vote-by-mail with no excuses. We have 16 states that do it to a lesser degree.

Abrams’ assertion comes after she claimed that “voter fraud is not real” and “does not affect the outcome of elections” in the wake of President Donald Trump ‘s repeated criticism of voting via mail. Abrams stated:

We know that, but we cannot allow them to frame voter fraud and treat it as an equivalence to voter suppression. Voter suppression denies the right to vote to millions. Voter fraud over 20 years, at best, occurred 1,300 times. Millions every year versus thousands over twenty years. There is no comparison.
Delegitimization of elections happens when the numbers are close and one of the ways that those who engage in voter suppression can claim victory, either in reality or putatively, is that they can shave the margins like anyone who tries to steal.

“We’re not going to destroy this country by allowing things like that to happen. We’re not destroying our country,” the president has said. “This has more to do with fairness and honesty and, really, our country itself.”


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