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China CCP Wuhan Coronavirus: Sweden becomes country with highest coronavirus death rate per capita…….


I have been warning people, like even Fox’s Tucker Carlson, to refrain from using Sweden as some kind of grand example of a country coping well with the China CCP Wuhan Coronavirus with the least amount of government interference…


Herd protection without vaccine needs to be knocked out as a myth, and a dangerous one at that. Finland, whose government has not performed without fault during the crisis, chose what I think is a better path than Sweden. Yes, the Helsinki region was closed off from the rest of the country for three weeks, and bars and sit-down restaurants have been shuttered, but economic activity has been allowed to continue throughout the crisis. There has been NO stay at home mandates, no enforceable mask-wearing.


Sweden’s CCP virus death stats right now is just north of 3700 people. Finland’s is just over 300 deaths. Herd immunity is not working, since only a minuscule of victim-survivors are registering any antibodies in their bloodstream. These are the facts, Sweden’s approach to the crisis has been an abject failure.


Sweden becomes country with highest coronavirus death rate per capita

Sweden has 6.08 deaths per million inhabitants, higher than the UK, USA, and Italy

Sweden has now overtaken the UK, Italy and Belgium to have the highest coronavirus per capita death rate in the world, throwing its decision to avoid a strict lockdown into further doubt.


According to figures collated by the Our World in Data website, Sweden had 6.08 deaths per million inhabitants per day on a rolling seven-day average between May 13 and May 20.


This is the highest in the world, above the UK, Belgium and the US, which have 5.57, 4.28 and 4.11 respectively.


However, Sweden has only had the highest death rate over the past week, with Belgium, Spain, Italy, the UK and France, still ahead over the entire course of the pandemic.


State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, the spokesman for Sweden’s outlier coronavirus strategy, dismissed the figures on Tuesday night, arguing that it was misleading to focus on the death toll over a single week….


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