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India Stands up to China in the Post-Coronavirus World…….


The China CCP has to be slapped down and hog-tied…

India: Standing up to China in the Post-Coronavirus World

by Vijeta Uniyal  •  May 19, 2020 at 4:00 am

  • In true Orwellian fashion, top Chinese diplomats are still demanding foreign governments to rewrite the history of the coronavirus outbreak.
  • While India had shown restraint, Communist China, has shown little. The Chinese air force has continued its incursions into Taiwanese air space. China has also tightened its grip on artificial islands it created in the South China Sea by setting up fictitious local governments on them. These weaponized islands… trample on the sovereignty of many of its maritime neighbors, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, and Taiwan.
  • The United States and rest of the Western world would do well to see the pandemic as a wakeup call and decouple their crucial and strategic sectors from dependence on China in any way. As US General Jack Keane has repeatedly warned the US, China a not a friend; “it is a predator economically, geopolitically and militarily.”
  • The world is looking to India and its Asian Pacific allies, in a strong alliance with the West, to take a stand and face China’s increasing military, geopolitical and economic intimidation.


As coronavirus leaves behind a trail of human suffering and economic devastation, nations across the world have begun asking critical questions about the global pandemic. Countries are enquiring into Communist China’s handling of the pandemic which first appeared late last year in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.


As early as January 14, China had used the World Health Organization (WHO), a United Nations agency, to spread disinformation about the human-to-human-transmissibility of Covid-19, a remark that later led US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien later to call the WHO a “tool of Chinese propaganda.”


While U.S. President Donald J. Trump faced mostly undeserved, politicized criticism for questioning China’s culpability in the spread of the worldwide pandemic and his calls for an international probe into it, more and more capitals across the Western world are making similar demands.


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