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Jamie Glazov: YouTube Removes Glazov Gang’s Katie Hopkins Video…….


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YouTube Removes Glazov Gang’s Katie Hopkins Video

The truth about ‘Life Under Lockdown in the U.K.’ is too much to handle for the Google-owned video platform.

YouTube continues to enforce its totalitarian Deep State obligations diligently. It appears that a recent Katie Hopkins video, produced by a David Horowitz Freedom CenterGlazov Gang collaboration and uploaded to the Glazov Gang channel on April 22, 2020, simply contained too much truth for the Google-owned video platform to handle. YouTube took the video down, stating that it “has been removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.”  How exactly anything Katie said violated its “Terms of Service,” YouTube did not explain.

Katie’s video saw U.K.’s valiant freedom fighter unveil Life Under Lockdown in the U.K., in which she shed a sober and telling light on The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Katie discussed the dire consequences of socialized medicare under the Covid-19 crisis, the effects of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of the “pandemic,” the lockdown’s consequences on the British economy and on British citizens, and much more. Katie discussed all of these issues in a civilized, factual and scholarly manner. And yet her video was still removed.


We reached out to Katie on her thoughts about YouTube’s removal of her video, and she commented:


The most shameful part of the removing of my video is it assumes people are too stupid to be trusted to form their own opinion. @YouTube is saying you are too thick to think for yourselves.

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