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Daniel Greenfield: America’s March to Socialism – The NeverTrump Right…….


We never needed them…

America’s March to Socialism: The NeverTrump Right

Better Red than Orange.

“I would have been prepared to crawl over broken glass to vote for anyone but Trump — yes, even Sen. Bernie Sanders,” Jennifer Rubin wrote in a Washington Post column headlined, “NeverTrump becomes NeverRepublican.”


“If you’re really never-Trump, then you know there’s no except-if-he’s-a-socialist footnote,” Joe Walsh also threw in his two cents in the Post. “I’d rather have a socialist in the White House than a con man.”


“If Sanders does emerge as Democratic nominee, I would vote for him over Trump as a forlorn gesture of protest,” David Frum tweeted.


“There’s a reasonable case to be made that one term of Bernie is less dangerous than a second term of Trump,” Bill Kristol argued.

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