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Sweden: Nurse Blows Whistle on State funded Nursing Home Staff Denying Elderly Coronavirus Patients Oxygen…….


Beyond the pale, it’s what happens when the Plato’s Republic mentality rules the day, it leads to “death courts”…

In the following RAIR interviews, Doctor Tallinger speaks with Latifa Löfvenberg, a registered nurse working in a #government-funded nursing home in Gävleborg, Sweden. Nurse Löfvenberg reveals that #coronavirus patients over 65 years-old struggling with breathing difficulties are in fact being denied life-saving oxygen. Instead, Löfvenberg explains, she has been instructed to administer Morphine and a muscle relaxer, Midazolam, which helps relieve anxiety while the patients slowly suffocate, sometimes taking days to die.
Löfvenberg reveals that professional personnel are being instructed to give permission to untrained nurses assistants (undersköterska) to administer Morphine and Midazolam to elderly coronavirus patients. Untrained staff, according to Löfvenberg, are being encouraged to administer drugs that will end #patients lives.



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