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Germany: Syrian who allegedly was involved in torture now refugee/working as doctor in Germany…….


I bet his patients would like to know about his “work” in Syria…


There simply is no way for these people to be vetted in real time, we really do not have a clue as to who we are letting into our societies.


Syrian Doctor Who Involved in War Atrocities Turned a Refugee in Germany

Dr. Alaa Moussa has been accused of torturing protestors during the early demonstrations, but now works as a doctor in Germany after seeking refuge writes Zaman Al-Wasl.

The cries of Hamza, a pseudonym, echoed through the corridors of the military hospital after Dr. Alaa Moussa set fire to his genitals, leading to severe burns and damage that is, according to a urologist, Dr. Mohamed Wahbi, is impossible to undo. 


Dr. Wahbi, who started working in the same hospital in February 2011, has previously revealed that Alaa Moussa, who recently moved to Germany, harbored a great hatred of the demonstrators and enjoyed torturing the injured as a show of loyalty to the regime. 


Moussa, originally from central Homs city, left Syria through Lebanon to take refuge in Germany, in the town of Bad Wildungen, where he was seen several times, working as an orthopedist in a local clinic.


Tens of pro-regime fighters have arrived in Europe after committing horrendous war crimes and human rights violations in Syria. 


Anwar al-Bunni, Director of Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Research in Berlin, told The New Arab newspaper that his center is collecting evidence and witnesses against a number of persons accused of human rights violations, so that they can be prosecuted in specialized courts.


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