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Chechen migrant arrested after dragging cop 60 feet with vehicle in attempted escape of CCP Wuhan Coronavirus checkpoint……..


Two deadly contagions…

Chechen Migrant Drags French Policeman Over 60 Feet to Escape Virus Check


A Chechen migrant was arrested in the commune of Montereau-Fault-Yonne after dragging a police officer 60 feet with his vehicle while trying to escape a Wuhan coronavirus lockdown checkpoint.


The 30-year-old Chechen national was intercepted by police in the Montereau industrial area and asked for his ID and driving licence after being pulled over by officers. The man was unable to produce either document and was told by a policeman leaning through his window he would be going to the police station.


Instead, the Chechen turned his ignition key and accelerated, with the police officer being dragged along for sixty-five feet and another officer on the scene narrowly missing being hit, Le Parisien reports.


After hitting a mound of earth, the Chechen migrant attempted to escape on foot and entered a disused warehouse in the industrial area. Officers called for reinforcements who encircled the warehouse and eventually arrested the 30-year-old.


Following his arrest, the Chechen claimed he did not live in the area and was visiting family members. He is now under investigation for violence against a police officer, driving without a license along, and several other charges. He is not expected to be tried until January of next year, however.


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