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Sweden: Muslim Brotherhood making inroads with Defense Force NGO’s and Swedish Church Officials…….


Finland’s state Lutheran Church has also joined up with the Muslim Brotherhood, something that the Tundra Tabloids reported on a few years ago.


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Muslim Brotherhood established in the Swedish defense force

In the shadow of the Corona crisis, the Muslim Brotherhood’s network organizations have begun establishing partnerships with the Armed Forces’ civil society organizations. An establishment together with ABF and the Swedish Church that once again clarifies the Brotherhood’s high organizational level and communicative skills. A capacity built up over a long period of time.


The Defense Trainers are a nationwide voluntary defense organization and its activities range from the safety of the individual to the defense of society. The defense trainers are responsible for recruiting, training and signing voluntary agreements for both the Armed Forces and emergency preparedness:


  • Specialists such as medics, pioneers, CBRN soldiers handling dangerous substances, field cook and information officers to the Home Guard
  • emergency preparedness agreements to increase resilience to crises such as communications,health protection, hazardous substances or nuclear accidents;

The defense trainers are responsible for a comprehensive operation in both Sweden’s defense and crisis preparedness.


The defense trainers together with Huddinge Municipality arrange a free digital training in emergency preparedness – For your safety. The training consists of three 15-minute films and is subtitled in Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish and is interpreted in Swedish. The education is offered in collaboration with ABF Huddinge and the Swedish Church in Huddinge and Ibn Rushd Student Association.


The Study Association Ibn Rushd is one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s network organizations in Sweden. Through personal unions and activities such as the now defunct Muslim Family Days, there are direct links with the Islamist network organisation. Mainly through the ties between Ibn Rushd, Sweden’s Young Muslims and FIFS, the United Islamic Associations in Sweden that form the link to, among other things, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Egyptian organization and the Brotherhood’s ideological leader Yussuf al Qaradawi.


It is not only in Johan Westerholm’s “Islamism in Sweden” (Greycat 2020) that the personal unions between the Muslim Brotherhood and Ibn Rushd are presented. And, not least, that the Muslim Brotherhood rests on a totalitarian and fundamentally fascist ideology.


In the defence sector there is knowledge and the Swedish People’s Education Council has come to the same conclusion. The Swedish People’s Education Council’s report on the study association Ibn Rushd by Professor Erik Amnå “When trust is tested” concludes the same thing. Amnå points to earlier warning signs in the form of the report that FOI produced for the authority SST through Rickard Lagervall. This study concluded that the Student Union came to rest on the Brotherhood’s ideological and theological interpretation of the Qur’an at the time of its founding.


The fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is now taking the opportunity to strengthen its position in civil society together with the Swedish Church is something that is not surprising and that the Editorial Pages have pointed out earlier. Partly because the government has now been influenced to remove the requirements for self-financing of aid projects, but also through cooperation with the Swedish Church. Cooperation with civil society organisations linked to the Armed Forces will therefore come as no surprise either.


In an earlier article, the Editorial Pages described how the Swedish Church initiated cooperation within the framework of the project “A World of Neighbors” with another Muslim Brotherhood network organization, Islamic Relief.


More here in Swedish.

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