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Helping to spread the phony narrative of Islamofauxbia……


Finnish Lutheran church apes islamophobia meme


The relationship between the Finnish Church’s ”Finn Church Aid (KUA)” appears to be extensive, they (Antti Pentikäinen Exec-Direct) arranged a fact-finding trip with KUA’s leadership, along with Anas Hajjar (Syrian MB imam spearheading the grand mosque drive) and the leading Shiite imam, Abbas Bahmanpour, to CAIR’s facilities earlier this year.


finland muslims travel to Hamas linked cair 2016


Meeting with chief Islamonazi dissembler Nihad Awad….


finland muslims travel to cair 2016 nihad awad


KUA has been courting sharia-supremacist voices for some time now, as well as sticking it to the pro-Israel Christians within the Lutheran Church, Antti Pentikäinen spearheaded a move a few years ago to forbid church spaces from being used by pro-Israel advocates and going so far as to smear these Christians as having threatened him, though failed to produce one scintilla of evidence.


The Finnish Lutheran Church is up to its neck in Hamas linked Muslim Brotherhood types pushing ”anti-Islamophobia’ narratives in political, media and social networks. They have been fully infiltrated by Islamic hardliners using Western norms of tolerance and coexistence in pushing their Islamic/anti-Western sharia driven agendas.


Church publication of islamofobia picture confuses

Picture meme gave birth to angry feedback because it included the CAIR organization logo. According to the FBI CAIR is directly linked to Islamist Hamas.

Juhani Huttunen

The church published on Facebook Wednesday, 101 Reasons to belong to a church -series, a new picture under the title “The medicine for fear.”


The playful picture offers against Islamophobia, an Islamophobia named medicine which, among others, fights against “thoughtless bigotry” and “blind intolerance”. Each pack contains a “Warning:  May lead to peaceful co-existence”


– The picture is a bubblegum package, which is derived from Finn Church Aid’s ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ division, which aims to promote cooperation and understanding between religious communities, in particular to prevent radicalism, says the Church Council social media team leader Lari Lohikoski.


Islamophobia-gum package is part of the  Council, on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) organization’s (established in 1994) anti-Islamophobia campaign launched last May. The package is clearly labeled with the CAIR logo.


– Finn Church Aid has been involved in the project with the CAIR organization, which is obviously a major player in role of peace outreach. The church and its organizations are already the most important factors in inter-religious dialogue in Finland, says Lohikoski.


White House guest


CAIR on its website declares that “the leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding”, which is responsible for, among other things, to improve information on Islam and encourage dialogue.


Since the September 2001 WTC attack, CAIR was an important cooperation partner with the White House. US Federal Bureau of Investigation also had a long cooperation with CAIR.


The cooperation between CAIR and the FBI, ended however, in 2008, when CAIR in its start-up phase financially assisted the Holy Land Foundation, whose members were sentenced up to 65 years in prison for multiple connections to terrorism, including the financing of the Islamist Hamas.


CAIR was not  charged in the trial in question, and has not been convicted of a crime. Its work continues as normal.


Hamas cover the organization?


In the autumn of 2015  the FBI’s evidence in the report made public, however, says that CAIR will switch directly to the sponsoring of organizations and Islamist Hamas.


The report shows that CAIR’s founders Nihad Awad , Omar Ahmad and Nabil Sadoun are former Palestine Committee (PALCOM) organization members. PALCOM is according to the FBI, a cover organization for Hamas. According to this report PALCOM held a meeting, stating the need to set up a new support for Hamas organization in 1993. The aim of the meeting was to gain support for Hamas, enabling it to terrorize the Oslo peace talks going on between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation PLO.


The message in the photo relates only to irrational fears, to which the Church and Christianity are the medicine. – Church board’s social media team leader Lari Lohikoski


In 2010, the United States expelled from the country Sadoun who sat on the board of CAIR, because he was considered to be a member of Hamas. The United States does not classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, but President Bill Clinton’s administration classified Hamas as part of terrorism in 1995.


– Read more (in Finnish)

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