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Finland: Travel Ban on Southern Uusimaa region (Helsinki) Lifted Today…….


Now let us get back to normal…

Uusimaa regional border to reopen on Wednesday

Prime Minister Sanna Marin has announced that the ban on travel in and out of Uusimaa will be lifted on Wednesday.


Prime Minister Sanna Marin stated at a press conference on Wednesday morning that the cordoning of the Uusimaa region that came into force on 28 March is no longer considered an unavoidable measure that can be justified by emergency legislation.


She said that the parliament’s Constitutional Law Committee has stressed that with a change in the situation regarding the coronavirus epidemic, the order restricting movement in and out of Uusimaa must be repealed.


The PM stressed however, that the health situation continues to be serious, and although there is no longer a legal basis for restricting movement, the government is urging people to avoid travel.


“This is not the time to leave for your holiday cottage,” she said.


Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo announced that travel restrictions concerning Uusimaa will be lifted immediately after a cabinet session later on Wednesday, but that it will take some time to take down physical barriers set up to seal off the region. She also underscored the continuing importance of social distancing in battling the current epidemic.



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