Chi-Com Wuhan Corona Virus Crisis Finland

Finland closed its borders at midnight to help contain spread of Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus…….


It’s what should have happened in 2015 when fraud asylum seekers/refugees invaded Finland from Sweden (the Swedish state was pushing them here)…


Closed borders

Finland closed its borders at midnight last night to combat the spread of novel coronavirus, and tabloid Ilta-Sanomat was at Tornio on the border with Sweden in order to experience this “historic moment“.


The tabloid writes that under the new regulations business-related travel across the border is not obstructed, but otherwise traffic to and from abroad is restricted to freight traffic and the return of Finnish citizens to Finland and foreign residents of Finland to their own country of origin.


Janne Kurvinen, Deputy Commander of the Border Guard of Lapland, told the tabloid that he wished to remind citizens that they have to consider themselves what is a necessary reason for crossing the border.


“In this new situation, we want to emphasise the citizen’s own responsibilities. Is the need for them to travel across the border really necessary? We are striving to control the coronavirus situation, and everyone should carefully consider their own travel,” Kurvinen told IS.


The tabloid also spoke to local resident Antti Kivekäs, who said he has lived on the border for 60 years and has never experienced anything like this before. Previously Kivekäs was able to move freely across the border to the Swedish side and back, but now he had to make a quick shopping trip to Haparanda in Sweden before the border closed.


“I went to buy juice and wine. And snus for my son. Now I am here to make sure the border is truly closed and that my mother-in-law stays on the Swedish side,” Kivekäs joked.



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