Chi-Com Wuhan Corona Virus Crisis Finland

Finnish Government to Announce Emergency Law to Contain Wuhan Corona Virus…….


About time…


Thankfully they’re giving up on the “herd immunization” strategy.


Government Launches Emergency Law – IL-TV live broadcast of press conference at 2:45 p.m.

Parliament is to hold a referendum on the introduction of the Emergency Law.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to radical social interventions in Finland, the formal approval of which is only up to Parliament.


On Monday, Sanna Marin’s ( sd ) government said that exceptional circumstances had been identified in Finland. The adoption of the Emergency Law is scheduled to be debated in Parliament today, and before that, the government will hold a press conference on the coronavirus situation and the implementation of the Emergency Law.


The press conference will begin at 3 pm and will be broadcast live by IL – TV at 3 pm. From 14:45. The Government will meet before the meeting to discuss the Emergency Law.




At a news conference on Monday, the government announced, among other things, the closure of schools and borders . More than 10 people, public gatherings are banned in the future, and more than 70 – people from the ages are invited to apply for the corresponding quarantine conditions due to the Coronavirus danger.



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