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Daniel Greenfield: President Trump’s Coronavirus Speech is What America Needed…….



President Trump’s Coronavirus Speech is What America Needed

1. While the media has exaggerated the situation, millions of people in the country needed to be reassured that the crisis was being handled. That meant a speech from the Oval Office.


And that’s what President Trump delivered.


The speech put the ball back in the opposition’s court. Which can do two things, complain that it doesn’t go far enough and complain that calling it a foreign virus is racist. Since the Left can’t resist its political imperatives, that means that Trump gets to deliver a message of authority while the media complains about offensive nomenclature. And that’s exactly the way it should be.


A crisis is usually a plus for the POTUS. The public sees him handling an emergency with authority. It’s a minus for Congress.


2. A crisis is an opportunity. You don’t deny a crisis, as a certain Democrat who shall not be named once said, you make use of it.


The coming of the coronavirus was a golden opportunity for shutting down travel to the United States. Including refugee admissions. Forcing the other side to argue that we should endanger Americans to admit refugees.


It’s not too late.


The initial travel bans are a good staging point for going further. And forcing the Left to argue against public safety measures for political reasons. That is exactly the way the strategic balance of messaging power should lie.


Learn from the Left.


Use the crisis to pursue conservative policy goals in immigration and manufacturing, instead of complaining about the media coverage. The media coverage will always be bad. But if the media insists there’s a crisis, then make the best of it and force it to turn around and argue that there isn’t one.


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