Chi-Com Wuhan Corona Virus Crisis Finland

Finnish Government’s inefectual response to the Made in China Wuhan Corona Virus Crisis: Ban public meetings of over 500 people…….


You’ve got to be kidding me, that’s it..?


After all we’ve seen and heard, this is the best that the current Marxist orientated government of Finland can come up with, ban meetings of +500 people in public events. Well. this just happened. I walked into the local grocer in central Finland and overheard the following conversation:


Customer 1 to a friend bagging his groceries: “Hey, stop that hamstering (both laughing). Yeah, my son’s family just got back from Madrid yesterday and he said that the situation there is terrible.
Customer 2 (the friend): What is he doing now?
Customer 1: Oh, I told him to go sauna with his family, make sure that it’s over 80C.
Customer 2: Oh that’s good, that’ll take care of it for sure.


He really meant it. As of now, there are Finns (and other nationalities) coming into the country from all of the trouble hot spots in Europe, and from elsewhere, and the only thing this Marxist government does is to forbid gatherings of over 500 people in public places. The Finnish media need to lay off Trump and start reporting on these stories, and politicians need to start implementing more drastic measures.


Yle on yesterday’s emergency meeting: “Before the meeting the two opposition parties, the National Coalition and the Finns Party, had both called for stricter measures and school closures to be enacted sooner.”

Finland bans gatherings of 500+ people

On Thursday the Finnish government announced new measures to fight coronavirus.


Finland’s government has instructed the organisers of large events to cancel them in an effort to fight the spread of novel coronavirus.



Any event with more than 500 people should be cancelled, and organisers of smaller events have been urged to consider scrapping those as well, according to Prime Minister Sanna Marin.


“Citizens should monitor and comply with travel advisories and must file travel notifications if they must travel. Additionally, major events will be cancelled and of course in their own daily lives, people would do well to especially consider others belonging to risk groups and non-essential activities should also be avoided — such as hobbies for example,” Marin declared.


At a press conference on Thursday, the PM said the government was also recommending that people work remotely if at all possible, consider not going to hobbies and sporting activities, and to use extreme caution around the elderly and other at-risk groups.


The government’s position is that it is not yet time to launch broader measures to fight the pandemic, but that it would call together opposition and government parties in parliament to consider preparations to activate emergency preparedness legislation.


That legislation could be used, according to the statement, to implement closure of schools, universities, public transport restrictions, closure of shopping centres and other measures.


Earlier on Thursday the foreign ministry advised people to avoid all travel abroad as another measure to fight the pandemic. People returning from foreign trips should now stay away from work, school or daycare for at least two weeks.


The moves from Finland’s government follow Denmark’s announcement on Wednesday that it was closing all schools, daycare centres and universities in the country.


Ireland also announced it would close schools in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.



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